Additional writings by K.P. Singh may be found as Reflections of the Sacred in the Arts and Architecture

Original drawings of some of the images shown on this website are available for acquisition. Please contact KP for more information.

April 26-29, 2007 – Orchard in Bloom

Holliday Park, Indianapolis Thursday, April 26….. 6:00-8:30 pm (Preview Party) Friday, April 27….. 9 am – 8 pm Saturday, April 28….. 9 am – 5 pm Sunday, April 29….. 12 pm – 5 pm Orchard in Bloom website

May 19 – 20, 2007 – Broad Ripple Art Fair

Indianapolis Art Center Saturday, May 19….. 10 am – 7 pm Sunday, May 20….. 10 pm – 5 pm Broad Ripple Art Fair website

Indiana Art Fair

Indiana State Museum – February 24 and 25, 2006. Hours are 6 pm – 9pm on Friday; 9 am – 5 pm on Saturday.

‘Round the Fountain Art Fair

Courthouse Square in Lafayette, Indiana – May 27, 2006 Saturday, May 27….. 9 am – 4:30 pm

Talbot Street Art Fair

Between 16th and 19th Streets on Talbot Street, Indianapolis – June 10 and 11, 2006 Saturday, June 10….. 10 am – 6 pm Sunday, June 11….. 10 pm – 5 pm

News – December 26, 2005

K.P. will be exhibiting his artwork in the Promenade Gallery of the Circle Theatre, home of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, from January 30 through February 27, 2006. The exhibit will include original drawings and prints of historic landmarks from Indiana and around the world, many of which are featured in his recently published book: The […]

2004 Asian Tsunami

The images and unleashed rage of Asian Tsunami Still send shivers through the spine. The unimagined devastation tugs our heart, Loss of life numbs the mind, leaves us speechless. Many places on the Earth were still in darkness The world was unaware of the raging onslaught: The swelled ocean triggered giant tidal waves Hurtled them […]

New Frontiers at Our Doorsteps

New Frontiers at Our Doorsteps: Transforming Challenges into Unimagined Opportunities (IUPUI Fall 2005 Convocation Address) The great Indian poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore expressed a fervent hope in his prayer song: Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge is free; Where the world is not broken up into fragments […]

When music caresses celestial realms

At a rare arts and culture offering over the weekend, the world-acclaimed Sarod (an Indian stringed instruments much like the Indian Sitar) Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan accompanied by his sons Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash, Tabla (Indian drums) players Vineet Vyas and Shubhankar Banerjee, and Lalitha Venktaramani on the Tanpura, gave a […]

Building Communities Through Faith and Philanthropy

The Sikh sacred scriptures remind the followers of the faith: “From the rewards of your righteous labor, share your blessings with others; Nanak (the Founder of the Sikh faith) says that alone is the way to know God.” The song of the Buddhist Monks reaffirms the thought: “Give new gifts; everyday give new gifts; Everyday, […]

Reflections, hopes, prayers, and future

As I reflect upon the year 2004 that just ended, I am left with a deep sadness over the cataclysmic tsunami on December 26th in Southeast Asia that has brought unimagined destruction, staggering loss of life, and heart-wrenching suffering to the survivors in eleven countries along the rim of the Indian Ocean. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, […]

Discovering Reflections in The Art and Spirit

Let your imagination stretch beyond the fathomable, Your mind study the wisdom of Ages and cultures, Your gifts and endeavors shape the moment and the Eternity. Let your spirit witness the splendor and Majesty in the Divine, Your heart listen to the universal songs of the Soul, Your prayers and meditations honor the Sacred in […]

Sikh prayer that longs for a world at peace

Ardas, the closing prayer in the Sikh worship tradition, ends with a universal blessing for all humanity: “By thy grace, may there be peace and goodwill among all people everywhere.” Sikh scriptures remind us to understand and celebrate our common humanity: “Recognize all humanity as one race, one brotherhood.” Peace and goodwill are an important […]

In Defense of Faith Boundaries

God has no country, dress, form, limit or hue; God is omnipresent; God’s love is everywhere. There is one God. Eternal truth is God’s name; Maker of all things. Japji Sahib – morning prayers Throughout history, faith communities have challenged authority, awakened social conscience, fought tyranny and made sacrifices to safeguard the sanctity of their […]

Mandate to nurture the living

Give new gifts, reach for new heavens. These lines from the song of the Buddhist monks tempt our imagination to a higher spiritual horizon inviting us to share and serve others with our gifts and opportunities. The Sikh faith advocates the importance of doing “seva” (selfless service and sharing with faith and humility). For a […]