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Mandate to nurture the living

Give new gifts, reach for new heavens. These lines from the song of the Buddhist monks tempt our imagination to a higher spiritual horizon inviting us to share and serve others with our gifts and opportunities. The Sikh faith advocates the importance of doing “seva” (selfless service and sharing with faith and humility). For a Sikh, seva enshrines a spiritual and moral responsibility to enhance life and nurture the living.

Seva has been a force for good in society. Seva is a lifeline of hope, our faith at work, a testament of spiritual lessons learned. Through seva, we make a difference for those among us who are challenged by circumstances, events, disasters, or destiny. Seva is an act of understanding and compassion towards all living beings.

Everyone can be God’s helping hand. We are His workforce, His frontline for caring and serving. Seva blesses the one who serves and the recipient. Christ assures us of a personal relationship with the Lord when we serve, “Do unto the least among you, and you do unto Me.”

Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA