Additional writings by K.P. Singh may be found as Reflections of the Sacred in the Arts and Architecture

Original drawings of some of the images shown on this website are available for acquisition. Please contact KP for more information.

Discovering Reflections in The Art and Spirit

Let your imagination stretch beyond the fathomable,
Your mind study the wisdom of Ages and cultures,
Your gifts and endeavors shape the moment and the Eternity.
Let your spirit witness the splendor and Majesty in the Divine,
Your heart listen to the universal songs of the Soul,
Your prayers and meditations honor the Sacred in each living being.
Love, Hope, and Serve in Faith.
Recognize “God’s Light in all living beings.”
Celebrate Life as an offering to our Creator,
Witness God’s Light and blessings manifested all around.
As you study and enjoy the visual images: drawings, photographs, and essays in my book:

Imagine and discover the story and script, message and mysteries, and the universal creative urges and visions that direct, transcend, and transport the human imagination and spirit. Witness the enshrined wisdom, distinct markers, and common thresholds that reach across cultural and spiritual divide and centuries. I hope that the beauty and mystique of our treasured heritage sites and significant architecture will inspire a renewed interest in this important resource of learning and building arts. Drawings, composites, and photographs included in my book serve as a visual showcase of a few places from around the world, with a special focus on Indiana landmarks.

As you reflect on the thoughts, inspirations, and advocacy in my book:

You are introduced and invited to explore the recurring themes of UNIVERSALITY, HUMAN DIGNITY and SACRED RIGHTS; MATTERS of SPIRIT, ARTS, and CREATIVITY; HISTORIC, ARCHITECTURAL, and CULTURAL PRESERVATION; LEARNING, UNDERSTANDING, and CELEBRATION of our shared and cherished visions and heritage.

We must focus beyond our existing community strengths and the dynamic new passions the “strangers” from other cultures represent for our future. How best may the recent immigrants, with support and encouragement from friends and institutions, contribute to our creative, cultural, and spiritual energy and cherished community goals?

In sharing our individual and collective Light and Labors in a kindred spirit, we are certain to enhance the promise and gifts of all Americans. The power of our common cause and the transforming spirit of our times must triumph over the formidable negative forces: unfortunate indifference, intolerance and cultural insensitivity, unpardonable ignorance and stereotyping, unfriendly attitudes and discrimination of yesterday. Guided by an inspired mind, we must travel towards our destined and unimagined dreams past the barriers and boundaries that often separate us from one another. Advance and capture the true promise and possibilities of our time. We must acknowledge, embrace, and restore ideas that dignify life and tradition. Embellish human landscape and spirit with new wisdom, fascinating creativity, and diverse experiences.

Our traditions, culture, and spirit are a formidable life-force. They shape our persona: character, spirit, and perceptions. As the sacred and defining essentials of our humanity, our spirit offers reflections of our soul. Absence and danger to our cultural and spiritual foundation diminishes us. Every living being deserves the basic dignity and respect, and an unconditional assurance of just and precious sacred and cultural essentials. We cannot survive on less!

We must recognize the presence of colorful spectrums of culture in the arts and architecture around us. Visual storyboards of events and mythology adorning our “temple facades”, “cultural courtyards”, sacred “sites and spaces”, historic “caves and canyons”, and exalted “cathedrals” of nature were an early attempt at teaching. They continue to help us understand the diverse and rich manifestations of the human universe, celestial realms, and temporal experiences. Historic architecture as a celebrated artform often offers the only surviving record of human struggles, adventure, and innovation from the earliest dawn of life. Architectural heritage is a magnificent “bridge” to other cultures, traditions, and times. This treasured legacy needs a safe “home” in our national aesthetic, cultural, and spiritual fabric.

Today, caravans of ideas are transmigrating as never before and converging in new promising lands. Human will and energy is conquering unimagined new frontiers. We must expand our horizons, creative potential, and aggressively compete for our share of rewards. We must build attractive destinations for great talents, pursue new opportunities, and engage in imaginative “exchanges” to have a fair chance to excel in today’s global culture and tough marketplace.

Communities today are an emerging “festival” of diverse cultures and traditions. We are daily discovering all across the outstretched fields of knowledge, wisdom, and the arts new ideas, passions, and surprising connections in the transplanted inspirations left behind by generations and cultures before us. In this Space and Information Age, ever-changing interconnected world, we need to redefine our national visions and direction. Discover and preserve peaceful cultural “sanctuaries” and build new enlightened “bridges” that best link our stars to our present reality.

Each of us must ask “what am I willing to share and sacrifice for my cherished expectations from life”? If the ideas in my book resonate with yours, then let us combine energies and gifts at many levels to enlarge the “canopy of hope” for all who share this time and space with us. We may discover friendly convergence and similar visions in many areas. Other fronts may offer distinct differences and sound alternatives. We cannot simply ignore or dismiss unfamiliar perspectives.

Let us search for common elements amidst our cultural uniqueness and diversity, work towards reconciling differences, and carefully integrate the best ideas into our shared visions. What we do at this moment in history may leave some lasting imprints on the future shape and strength of our national fabric. Imaginative, responsible, and courageous choices will benefit all citizens.

We must build new kinds of community structures and cultural “edifice:
Where the best and brightest ideas lead and guide our spirit and imagination,
Where divisive distractions do not intrude and trespass into our vital common interests,
Where dispelling unfounded doubts and ignorance about fellow humans is a sacred passion,
Where discovering our shared heritage and cultural legacy is a cherished destination.
Where safeguarding the rights of all citizens is a solemn commitment,
Where striving for the greater good of others is a singular promise.
Where the arts enjoy a special place in our cultural, spiritual, and urban fabric
Where “monuments” are not just buildings but ideas that grace and lift the human spirit;
In America, a long-awaited “Renaissance of Promise” is in the making:
The unexpected and unimagined is possible here.
Labor and creativity, without distinction are rewarded.
Great dreams are invented and given shape.
We take pride in this eternally optimistic challenge:
Come, create your own destiny; expand the American promise.

My life is a living testimony that American “promise” rewards many visions and endeavors. Each immigrant that arrived on these shores over the past five centuries was a dreamcatcher, a discoverer, an explorer, and a trailblazer. Our generation is no exception. We are all sons and daughters of those daring souls who set out to find the New World on a wing and prayer. Just look around and imagine what hardships they must have endured to create our world. You can hear the echoes and evidence of their bravery and sacrifice in our legends, ballads, and books.

We have carried their dreams and dared our own to unimagined dimensions and abundance. Yet, we all know that there is much work ahead to make Life beautiful for all God’s children. God Almighty has entrusted us with boundless gifts, an adventurous spirit, and spacious skies. Each of us can contribute towards our shared dreams, destiny, and peace and make a difference.

The Art and Spirit of K.P. Singh is my prayer and song that I do my part.

Kanwal Prakash Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
January 2004