Additional writings by K.P. Singh may be found as Reflections of the Sacred in the Arts and Architecture

Original drawings of some of the images shown on this website are available for acquisition. Please contact KP for more information.

A Festive Celebration of Arts and Historic Architectural Heritage

The following essay originally appeared on the NRI Internet website. Photos from KP’s recent exhibit opening may also be found on the NRI Internet site.

The Opening Reception of “KP Singh in Color – Selected Drawings and Prints” at the Indianapolis Art Center attracted an enthusiastic multi-generational and multicultural festive gathering with over 200 art patrons and friends, artists, media personnel, writers, and musicians; business, faith, and community leaders. Many of them contribute immeasurably to the culture and international spirit of Indiana.

We were especially grateful for the presence of Honorable Diego Morales, Special Assistant to Indiana Governor Mike Pence; Jane Gehlhausen, Director of Cultural and International Affairs in the office of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard; Charlie Wiles, Director of Center for Interfaith Cooperation; Julia Moore, Director of Public Art in the Indianapolis Arts Council; Jennifer Pace Robinson, Vice President of Exhibits and Family Education at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis; Maninder Singh Walia, President of the Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis; Rupal Thanawala, President of Asian American Alliance; Rev. Richard Hamilton, a distinguished spiritual leader; Anita Lerche, Danish Punjabi singer-songwriter; John Mallon, Owner and Founder of Editions Limited, the most prestigious art gallery in Indiana; Patrick Flaherty, President of the Indianapolis Art Center and many others.

The Exhibit at the Indianapolis Art Center turned out to be a gathering of many friends and people who enjoy the arts; initiate, sponsor, support, and strive to enhance the cultural, spiritual, and treasured assets of a community. The Opening Reception, in that sense, became a celebration of the arts – with the KP Singh drawing and prints of landmarks from around the world, fabulous harp music, food, photographers, writers, other Art Center exhibits, dedicated patrons and passionate art advocates that enjoy and make the arts an important part of community fabric and spirit, a major national priority.

Artwork on Display

The nearly forty art pieces on display including prints and original drawings from Indiana, USA, Europe, and India. A few of the iconic pieces included: Indiana – A State in History (Center Image), Indiana Historic Architecture I, University of Notre Dame, Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Water Tower Chicago, Statue of Liberty- New York; Notre Dame Cathedral and Sante Chapelle- Paris; San Giorgio Maggiore – Venice, Italy; Golden Temple Amritsar, Taj Mahal, Khujaraho Temple, Belur Temple, India; and Cathedrals of Spirit.

KP Singh Artist Statement

“My art medium is pen and ink and colored pencils. My artwork has a sense of realism, is easily recognized and identified by the viewer; hence its tremendous appeal and popularity with many who see art in traditional terms rather than avant garde trends and complexities, subject to varied and multiple interpretations. My intricate pen-ink and pencil drawings of Indiana colleges, courthouses, and historic landmarks from around the world celebrate architectural heritage in intriguing composites and images.

For me, an artist is a visionary, a sensitive soul, an educator and teacher about matters of spirit; a student of life, nature, and society. An innovator, trend setter, trailblazer, dreamer, and a daring member of the human family.

My art is a prayer and inspiration, and advocacy and invitation to the viewer to learn more about the rich heritage that surrounds us, be it in a distant land, or in an unfamiliar culture. I see all great architectural landmarks and major heritage sites as our collective heritage, a cherished treasure that introduces us to the history and spirit of our civilization.”

KP Singh’s works are represented in many public and private collections in the USA and over 25 countries abroad. He is an enthusiastic advocate for historic and cultural preservation and interfaith matters that immeasurably add to the spirit and visual fabric of our towns and cities. By drawing attention to these architectural landmarks and heritage sites, he hopes to inspire preservation and thoughtful integration of these treasures into their environment and as a timeless legacy to cherish for future generations.

Indianapolis, Indiana USA
September 26, 2015