Additional writings by K.P. Singh may be found as Reflections of the Sacred in the Arts and Architecture

Original drawings of some of the images shown on this website are available for acquisition. Please contact KP for more information.

News – October 13, 2011

Artwork makes an excellent, memorable, and lasting gift for celebrating birthdays, graduations, retirements, holidays, and other meaningful occasions. If you are an art enthusiast, collector, or holiday shopper, consider KP Singh’s drawings of Indiana landmarks, and architectural monuments from around the world. Over the past four decades, his finely executed pen and ink drawings have graced many magazine covers and publications, and his artwork is now included in many private and public collections.

You may wish to quickly browse through some of KP’s drawings in the SlideShare document below.

The 2011 Sikhpoint Interfaith Calendar featuring KP Singh drawings of sacred places from around the world of major faiths was released at the Sikh Arts and Film Festival in Orange, California on November 19, 2010. KP was honored with a Creativity Focus Award at the Gala celebration.

Selected pages of the Calendar are shown below.

To reserve copies of the Calendar, contact: